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Things I like......

Automata Artist and Organizations


Kinetic art of Nemo Gould. Great robots and other fabulous             creations using found objects.


  Master of kinetic sculpture.


Keith is one of the masters of British automata - inventive, creative  and always up for a challenge.



A great site with lots to see and read. Also, a good resource site.



A "museum of automata (mechanical sculpture)" with a web site          featuring many artists whose work relates to my own.


A great international kinetic art site with all kinds of information.




Other Artists, etc.


Multi-talented artist and dollmaker Christine Alvarado creates some of the most beautiful dolls I have ever seen.  On her blog she features wonderful photo illustrations of her pieces and creates an delightful narrative for each piece. Amazing in  many ways.


       Who doesn’t like Mr. Hooper and his awesome paintings?


Great figurative sculpture; carved from driftwood and partially covered many small square pieces of tin.


       Amazing and beautiful figurative work.


My beautiful and creative wife's blog. A freelance illustrator working mainly in watercolors, she writes about her work and the interesting things she finds in her travels. Her wonderful images are used for many varied products.


      Creative Atlanta photographer.




Back in 1995, I made the marionettes for this TNT television show. Paula and I did all the puppeteering too. And my piece "RIP" appears in the role of Boney Bonerton. Lots of fun.


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